The PDx Process


PDx conducts a Free Savings Analysis on each client’s product history and usage at the individual item level. Taking into consideration those products that may have clinical preference, we then align those items to the best manufacturer, contract and private label cost opportunity.

The PDx process matches the right product to the right vendor, which results in the right price.

This list of products becomes each purchasing site’s own custom formulary to seamlessly order from multiple vendors through the PDx Purchasing Platform.


Our rigorous bidding process is based on 30 years of insider industry knowledge of distributors, GPO’s and manufacturers. We know the competitive pricing that is truly available in the marketplace and we know how to access it.

PDx negotiates distribution mark-up fees on multiple product categories with multiple vendors for each custom created formulary.

Blending the power of correct product formulation with a stringent bidding process drives the savings that the PDx Purchasing Platform delivers.


The PDx initiation process is the multi-faceted implementation of the results of the Formulation and Negotiation processes into the PDx Purchasing Platform.

This includes:

  • Multiple vendor account set up for each site
  • GPO enrollment of all sites
  • Pharmaceutical enrollment of all sites
  • GPO tier activations
  • Activation of potential custom contracts
  • Upload of each site’s formulary of products and pricing to the PDx Platform
  • Set up of ordering logins and passwords for designated staff member(s)
  • Training of designated purchasing staff on the PDx Purchasing Platform

At this point in the process, the PDx user is ready to order the right product, from the right vendor, at the right price through the PDx Purchasing Platform.


By using the PDx Purchasing Platform you are creating a centralized digital record of all of your purchasing history placed through the PDx portal. This consolidated information is invaluable in tracking and monitoring both your vendor pricing and your spending habits.

The data captured by the PDx Purchasing Platform provides an accurate source of information that is independent of the vendors we are monitoring.

PDx reviews all product price changes per formulary and verifies whether it is a manufacturer price change, a GPO contract change, a vendor error, or a violation of the PDx vendor agreement.

PDx continuously monitors price fluctuations to track the potential need to replace a brand or product on user formularies, and aggressively seeks credits on behalf of our clients should a vendor have an error in pricing or violate their vendor agreement.

A managed purchasing platform for true, sustainable savings!