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About Us

Purchase Diagnostix is a fully integrated online ordering platform for non-acute medical practices. The platform is entirely managed for each client by a team of industry experts ultimately producing significant and sustainable cost savings while seamlessly driving purchasing compliance and control.

The PDx process matches the right product to the right vendor, which results in the right price.

The PDx Process


PDx aligns each individual line item to the best manufacturer, contract and private label cost opportunity for maximum savings.


Our rigorous bidding process is based on 30 years of insider industry knowledge of distributors, GPO’s and manufacturers.


The PDx initiation process is the multi-faceted implementation of the results of the Formulation and Negotiation processes into the PDx Purchasing Platform.


The PDx Purchasing Platform is the conduit by which the PDx Team can continually monitor and verify pricing on all orders placed through the Platform.

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The PDx Purchasing Platform


Though it may be convenient, it is not cost effective to purchase all of your product categories through a single vendor… PDx solves this problem.


Most medical practices are continually frustrated with their inability to control costs from their vendors and control purchasing behavior of their staff.


Often intermittently bidding between primary suppliers provides initial cost savings, but those savings disappear with time.

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