PDx conducts a FREE purchasing Analysis based on your product history and usage at the individual item level. Taking into consideration those products that may have clinical preference, we then align product items to the best manufacturer, vendor, contract and price, to drive savings opportunities.


The PDx launch process is a multi-faceted implementation based on the results of the Analysis and Formulation and includes:

  • Multiple vendor account set up for each ordering location;
  • GPO enrollment of all ordering locations;
  • Pharmaceutical enrollment of all ordering locations;
  • GPO contract tier activations;
  • Activation of potential custom contracts;
  • Formulary upload to the PDx platform for each ordering locations’ products and pricing;
  • Staff training and user set up.


By using the PDx ordering platform, a centralized digital record of your entire purchasing history placed through the PDx is created.This consolidated information is invaluable in tracking and monitoring both vendor pricing and spending habits. The data captured is an accurate source of information independent of the monitored vendors. On your behalf, we review and manage all product price changes per formulary and verify whether they are the result of a manufacturer price change, a GPO contract change, a vendor error, or a violation of the PDx vendor agreement.


A system that closes the AP loop is invaluable for busy practice administrators. The PDx ordering platform includes a true 3-way match process that ensures access to transparent AP information resulting in timely payment. The procedure helps ensure that only authorized purchases are processed and paid.


Data is essential to operational decision-making. Historically, medical purchasing has been anything but transparent. PDx captures all data relative to purchases made in the ordering platform. Compliance on formulary purchasing, user behavior, location spend, as well as vendor activity, price changes, etc., are all available to PDx customers.


The products identified through the Analysis become the foundation for your own custom product Formulary. This Formulary can be tailored to individual practice locations or used for all locations. When placing an order in the PDx ordering platform, this product Formulary is the only list of products initially visible to ordering staff. With administrative permission, staff can toggle into a larger master list of products for one-time purchases or to research new Provider product requests. Ordering is seamless to multiple vendors in one ordering session.